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 Back on the wall


In the corner

blinded by light

who is ist who caught me

in the middle of the night?

No face to see and recognize

such a long time did the sun not rise.

Blinded by light

there's nothing to see.

Blinded by light

there's no chance to be.


Grey stones are cold

cold hands cannot touch

all feelings are lost

this is too much.

Surrounded by accusation

so tired of all information.


Blinden by light

so I cannot see.

Blinded by light

all eyes on me.


You found me this time

just once in a while

nowhere left to run

but giving up's not my style.

Can't believe sun raises again

it's time for thinking, making a plan.


Blinded by light

where they caught me.

Blinded by light

it's you I want to see.

Blinded by light

you're making me free.

I'm ready to fight

thank you for helping me.




Women dancing in a white dress

wind whirls snow over the landscape

man standing stiff beside, watching

trees covered with ice rule the frozen earth.


Dresses change their colours to red

flames dancing in a fireplace

I sat, looking out of the window

seeing nothig but loneliness.


To dance it needs two

in a cold winter night

thinking of someone I looked aside.


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